Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20th Anniversary

We had a great anniversary...
Brianne had a game in Logan, so we decided to drive up there and watch the game-even though we knew she probably wouldn't play. (she's jv)
Anyway, I got Chris tickets to Brian Regan, he has a show March 13th in SLC. That should be so much fun!
Later that day, when we are leaving for Logan and he turns on the radio. It's "Smile" by Uncle Kracker, but that is not who is singing. It is Chris!!! He took the girls to Randy's house, his boss, and made me a CD. He sang about 6 songs and the girls sang "Unwritten" and then Chris and Lexi sang "Jackson" by Johnny Cash. They performed it at a dinner for the MTC a few months ago and did a fabulous job! So at first I am just singing along and then I stop and listen, and turn and look at Chris and then start to cry. It was SO awesome. It is the best gift I could have ever received! He also sang a song in Italian, and he sang "Lady" and a few others. I haven't been able to listen to it again...it's been in the truck and my CD player broke. :(
On the way to Logan we ate at The Cheesecake factory. YUMMY!!
I really can't believe that Chris made me a CD. I am so happy. I feel so much love from him. I feel like that was such a special way to express his love to me. It just really means so much to me. I will cerish that CD for many, many years to come.

I haven't mentioned a funny from Bubba in a long time...so here are two...
When we decided to go to Logan we knew it would be a late night so we decided to bring the boys with us. I was talking to Bubba and I told him that daddy and I were going on a date and that we wanted him and Nico to go with us. He got this funny look and said. "I am not going on a date with you and dad." Then I explained we would be gone for a long time and we just really wanted them to go with us. He looked at me again and said,"I guess I'm going on a date with Nico."

Chris and Bubba and I were watching the Olympics...ski jumping. Chris had to run an errand, so we (actually, now that I think about it...I think it was the night he went to Randy's) anyway, so Bubba and I were watching and we watched the winner...I was like look, he went the farthest, he is in first place, HE WON THE GOLD!! Bubba turned to me and said..."Mom, it's just not fun without daddy." Ha ha!!