Monday, February 23, 2009

6 Things that I love:

1. I love my Heavenly Father. I know that He is there for me and that He answers my prayers. I know that He has a plan for me and that he wants me to return to Him. I know that He sent His son to die for me and that even if I was the only person on the earth, He still would have done it.
2. I love Chris. I didn't know I could be so happy! I didn't know I would still be as madly in love with him today (our 19th anniversary) as the day I met him. He is my best friend and favorite person to be with. I knew on our first date that I would marry him.
3. I love my children. I hope the best for them--ALWAYS! I would die for them in an instant! I would do anything for them and yet, I still feel that I always fall short of meeting their needs.
They are all very good, honest, happy children and I am very happy about the things they choose and the people that they are. They are huge examples to me and they teach me a lot.
4. I love my family. My parents, parents-in-law, sisters, sister-in-laws, brothers, brother-in-laws, cousins, nephews, neices, aunts, uncles, grandparents, I love them all! I wish that I had closer relationships with some, but I still love them. I love getting together and sharing our lives and learning life lessons. I love that my children love their Grandparents and that their grandparents love them. I love that they want to spend time with their cousins and they miss them when they are apart.
5. I love the scriptures. I love to read them and learn from them. I love to spend time studying certain topics and I love to read them with my family. I know that--that is where the TRUTH is.
6. I love all the other people in my friends, my visiting teachers, teachees, my ward, my neighbors, my co-workers. I expecially love Audra today, because she is moving. I am so sad about that, but I am grateful for the chance to have gotten to know her (and hopefully she will move back in a few years) we have done SO much together, the Trek, sewing, (ok, ok, she mostly sewed and I mostly watched) canning, walking, visiting, laughing, crying, going to the Temple together. She is a great friend.
Anyways, there is my list. I will tag--whoever wants to be tagged...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Whitney, you are right! First of all, Gabe is Celeste's brother. He is absolutely adorable! He is just as nice as he is cute too! He was in the singing group last year and this year he made the BYU Young Ambassadors Anyways, he was at the play and he was near the piano. He was so fun to watch, watching her. He would put his hand on his mouth, he would laugh, he would say her lines with her and sing the songs. When she was crying on the piano, he was trying SO hard to peek at her to see if she was ok. It was super cute to watch him and see the love and support that he has for her.
If you want to see him, you can go to youtube and watch him:

At the beginning he is all the way to the right. He sings the 3rd verse.
It goes Morgan, Austin, Joseph is singing, Craig, Jacob, and then Gabe. Then Craig sings, then Gabe.

Also, Gabe and Celeste both have perfect pitch...they got it from their dad.


That was a good question Kat, so I decided to answer it for everyone. Celeste played "Jo" in the play.
The sad thing is...Celeste's real father died during rehersals. This made the cast get really close though. There were a couple of situations that were hard.
Alexis didn't want to tell her to let her go and let her die.
The aunt didn't want to say the line, "You're what happens when a girl has no father."
Alexis would come home from rehersals and just cry. She said it was very emotional. But she was really glad that she was able to be a support to Celeste during this hard time.
It has been a great experience for all of these kids to work through this together.
The cast came over here last night--to celebrate. It was their last performance--they are a great bunch of kids and VERY talented.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here are some pictures from Little Women.

This is Beth (lexi) and Jo (Celeste) singing, Some Things Were Meant to Be.
Beth: You're a woman of the world now. I'm so proud of you, Jo."
Jo: When you were first born, not an hour old, I told Marmee...
Beth: (finishing her sentence) Beth is mine!
Jo: Everyone has someone special in the world, and I have you."
Jo: My sweet Beth, give me a task to do!
"Let's pretend we're riding on a kite. Let's imagine we're flying through the air. We'll ascend until we're out of sight....

"Some things were meant to be: The clouds moving fast and free. The sun on the silver sea. A sky that's bright and blue. And some things will never end: The thrill of our magic ride. The love that I feel inside for you. Jo: We'll climb high beyond the break of day. Beth: Sleep on stardust and dine on bits of moon. Jo: You and I will find the Milky way...."

Beth: Can I tell you a secret? Jo: Anything. Beth: I never made plans about what I would do when I grow up. And I'm not afraid to die. Jo: I won't let it happen. You'll get better. You will.

"Beth: Somethings were meant to be. The tide turning endlessly, The way it takes hold of me. No matter what I do. But somethings will never die: The promise of who you are, Your memories when I am far from you. All my life I've lived for loving you. Let me go now."

This is Jo after singing "ASTONISHING.

I wish that I had taken this picture with her on the other end of the picture (on the left)But it was really dark and I had taken SO many that my eyes hurt and were twitching.

This is Beth singing "OFF TO MASSACHUSETTS"
I know it is blurry, it was so hard to take in the dark and have the shutter open so long. Any movement at all made it blur. But at least it will help bring back memories for Alexis when she looks at these.

Beth (Lexi) telling Jo (Celeste)
that the shell is 1000 years old and has a story, if you listen to it. Jo asks what is says and Beth replies it says,"We grow up too fast."
Song: Some things were meant to be.

Lexi before the show.