Friday, October 15, 2010

Just thinking...

Boy do I feel like an odd duck!
Andrew isn't feeling well today, so I have been in Blog world--reading woman's blogs--and holding and nursing baby.
There are some pretty incredible women out there. Some going through some major trials and some that are extremely talented in one area or another.
I am feeling like I don't do anything extraordinary or even close to it.
Let's see...
I'm not crafty,
I'm not athletic,
I'm not a writer,
I'm not highly educated,
I'm not a shopper,
I'm not good at cleaning...

I am a homebody,
I am happy,
I am a mom,
I am a wife,

Maybe someday I'll get a new hobby.

I am an odd duck, good thing I like ducks!!


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Friday, October 8, 2010

6 months today!

He is so fun. He sits up by himself now. He is very happy and it's fun to make him laugh. He likes his rice cereal, and real bananas. He is not very interested in baby food though. He is 19.2 pounds.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chalk this up as a bad week.

Wow! This has been a bad week. I have been SO grouchy.
This has been my favorite phrase for the past two days..."I'm living the same day over and over."
Why do you ask?
I have to fight with my kids to get them to bed, fight with them to get up for scrpitures, nag them to get ready, remind them about what time it is so they are not late for school. Referee, referee, referee...that is definitely the worst hat that I wear! Ugh! The fighting--it's going to kill me! nag, Nag, NAG.
I finally wake up today feeling hopeful and happy and Chris starts in where I left off. My poor kids, they probably want to live somewhere else this week.

The adversary is working overtime over here. But we will be victorious!!!!!

p.s. I'm thinking about going private...I have a few followers that I don't know, and that freaks me out a little bit.