Friday, December 25, 2009


We were able to go to AZ for Christmas this year.

I didn't take any pictures of our trip. OOPS!
We spent Christmas Eve with Chris' family and then Christmas with his mom and Fred.
The kids were all very eager to get their gifts-once they figured out what they were. It was too funny!!!
We were able to go to the Temple with Melissa and Craig. That was fun, we were all there together. (most of us)
We saw Sherlock Holmes at night, some of us slept through it. It was a good movie though.
We spent some time with the Morely's. That is always a treat. Then we headed for Tucson.
We went to the Mission Office and had lunch with GG and Gpa. There were lots of hikes and fun adventures. I didn't participate in any of them.
Melanie took the big girls for a photo shot and they had the time of their lives!!
She also took Lindsey for a few days, to stay with Hannah. That was fun for her.
Me..I did nothing. I loved every minute of it! I learned a new game. "Greed" or "Zilch" that was fun. If ever I went missing, you could find me napping somewhere.

Thank you Fran for letting us stay with you-

Thank you Hillman's for letting us stay with you too!

We love you all and had a fabulous trip.
No one wanted to come home and now that we are, everyone wants to go back. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving was great!
We've had Lexi home with us-so that is the best!!!
We got together with the Bellistons. That was lots of fun. I love how they ooh and ahh over everything the boys do. It is so fun. Ashlee and Bryce were there too, they are so cute. We got to see Marlin and Kage for about an hour. That was a good surprise.
We had a yummy feast, complete with seven layer salad (Lindsey made it) and pistachio salad. (Brianne made it) And of course, pie! Banana cream (Samantha made it) Chocolate pie (Lindsey made it) and 2 oreo pies (Lexi and Emily made those) With everyone pitching in, we really pulled it off-way to go Guys.
Of course we missed our AZ family a lot. We love all of you so much. It's been a long time since we haven't gone to AZ for Thanksgiving.
Chris made his first turkey-EVER! He did a great job. (Thanks mom)
I am thankful for this holiday season to remember to have gratitude in our lives.
I am thankful for Chris-being so willing to help out. The girls being so willing to help out.
And of course, I am thankful for all the yummy food we got to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25th, 2009

I am thankful for the scriptures. I enjoy reading them and getting that lift everyday.
I know it is one of the most important things I can do.

Today I was reading in the D&C. (section 59) I read different then most people I think...
I read the footnotes and I write it all down. I only got through 4 verses, (vs. 6-9) but I learned a lot from the footnotes.
I had 2 favorites: Psalms 34:1 "I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."
And James 1:27 "Pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this, To visit the fatherless an the widows in their afflictions, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24th, 2009

I am grateful for the opportunity to see our baby! He looks healthy, he has his fingers and toes and looks good. I am grateful for the peace that information brings to me. I am grateful to be carrying this child and to be a mom. AGAIN!! :)
I am shocked that it is a boy. Seriously, shocked!
We are thinking about naming him, Andrew Marlin.
We will let that float around and see how it feels.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009

Let's see, I already mentioned Chris, I've mentioned my children, my family and friends...even my horse.
I think I am going to say: Donny got a perfect score!
That really made me happy today.
I am grateful for something fun that happened that made me happy today.
The end.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

My bestest bud in the whole wide world! AUDRA!!
I got to talk to her today!
I am so thankful for her friendship. She is everything I want to be.
We have lots of fun together and we don't have to be doing anything.
We canned peaches together and made salsa and it was so fun being nerdy homemakers together.
When I talked to her tonight she said something that made me happy. She was being asked if I knew what my baby was and she said, "Not yet, or I would know." I know that is not really a big deal, but it is to me. It just shows me that she is confident in our friendship. :)
Bubba talks about her son all the time. He wants to play with him. Or he had a dream about him that totally cracked him up. Actually all of our kids get along well together. Camille and E---, Lindsey and C---and A---, Sam and Em and C----, even Nico and M---. All we need is a 9 year old boy. (the names have been omitted to protect the innocent)
She is like a sister to me.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009

Saturdays-no schedules to keep. Sleeping in, enoying the activities we WANT to do.
Chris and Emily went to the BYU football game. Lindsey and Camille went to a movie and dinner with Anayas. Brianne went to Kaitlins for a party.
I am thankful for a fun filled day. To be able to spend time playing, relaxing and making memories.
I am thankful for my clean floor-we all cleaned it together-the girls "skated" and it is shiny. :)
I am also thankful for chocolate chip cookies. Emily made some tonight for Marlin and Kage. They came over and watched a game with Marlin.
Fun, fun.
A fun day!

November 20th (I missed yesterday)

I missed yesterday because I was in a bad mood. I told Chris I needed to do my blog, but I didn't know what to write yet.
So today, as I was doing my outside chores, putting the horse out, checking on the chickens and just enjoying the beautiful day, I looked at my land.
That is what I am thankful for, all that I have. My 4 & 1/2 acres, my horse, my chickens, dogs, puppies, fruit trees, just my whole yard in general. I love my house and where I live.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19th

I am grateful for days like this...
when I am tired and not feeling too well,
that I don't have anything pressing that has to get done today.
That my boys just play in the bed while I rest.
That Chris is willing to bring pizza home for dinner, and everyone is happy about it and
I can get rejuvinated for tomorrow.
I am grateful for relaxing days-once in a while.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18th, 2009

Tonight Chris and I went to the Evening of Excellence for Brianne and Emily.
It was great. Brianne gave a wonderful talk and shared her testimony of the program. Brianne was in charge of refreshments and Emily took the canned applesauce and pie filling that we made during fall break. I was very impressed.
I am thankful for the programs of the church that help us set goals and improve ourselves.
We were able to go an Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday for our friends son. We took Bubba with us. When we got out of the truck Bubba said, "I am so excited about this." He is so cute. Again, it is another program to strengthen our youth and make them great leaders.
I also went to Samantha's achievement days with her, for review. Another program to help our children set goals and improve. I love it. Sam is done and has already received her reward. She can't wait for YW's in January!
I am thankful for the inspiration of our leaders. We have incredible youth that were saved for this time and they are being prepared.
I am glad that my children get to participate in such great activities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maggie's puppies!

The Bellistons came over and watched some of them being born. Actually, Skyler helped Maggie get one of them OUT-it was stuck. Emily and Skyler even cut the cord for one of them because Maggie was SO tired! This is Skyler holding two of them so Em could take a picture. Here is Nico holding one of them. He still insists that HE is the baby. Even though these are baby dogs. He is so funny. We have to call them puppies, not babies, or he gets mad! Seriously!

This was Emily's attempt to show the size of the puppies while Maggie went outside to do her thing. There are 5 girls and 1 boy. Camille and Karsyn had them suck on their fingers to teach them to suck and then they would put them on one of Maggie's nipples. It was SO cute. They were so excited! They had small fingers so it was working for them really well.
What an adventure! Puppies are so fun and so cute!
So, I guess today-I will be excited about our new adventure ahead of us!!! I love adventures!

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th, 2009

I've been instructed to make this post all about how wonderful Emily is. We all know she is the best, so I will leave it at that.
Today I am thankful for my testimony. I am thankful for the knowledge of a Heavenly Father who not only knows me, but loves me and wants the best for me. I am thankful for my Savior who died for me so that I can repent when I do something wrong. I know that my testimony pulls me through the challenges that I face. I am blessed to have a great life, but there are times when I get discouraged and at those times, I am thankful for the gospel and my deep belief and faith in it that I can lean on. I enjoy going to church so much. I love learning and growing. I wish the changes that I want to make would come faster than they do sometimes.
But I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow and enjoy the process of the refiners fire.
Make a great day everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15th

Keeping in line with the whole family theme...I am grateful for Fran. She is the best mother-in-law EVER!
She has always been so kind to me. I have always felt like a part of the Marble family from the moment I married into it. Infact, she will often claim me over Chris. hee hee :)
She is so kind and thoughtful. Chris gets a lot of qualities from his mom. One being, that he doesn't raise his voice. (sports don't count) Chris is also very logical, he can explain situations and reasons for doing things or reasons for being obedient, very well. I think he got these qualities from his mom too. (this is good for parenting)
She is an awesome grandma to our kiddos too. She really lets them know how much she loves them.
Thanks Fran for being you and being so great. I love you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14th

I am just feeling lucky. I am so thankful for my family. I know I have already said that, but I really am.
I am thankful that I get texts and phone calls from my sisters and my mom and my nieces. And "drop ins" from my brother and nephews. It is fun to build relationships. It is fun to share each others lives.
The little girls have been able to play with their cousins and it makes me so happy.
We all are striving for the same thing, we all love each other and want to be with each other.
I am thankful that I have the family that I do.
I can picture heaven and when I think about it-I want everyone there!!!
I am so thankful for my FAMILY!!!

Since I already said this one: I will specify my NIECES AND NEPHEWS! What a great group of kids they are and I love them all so much!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13th, (friday the 13th!)

I have the most AMAZING dad in the whole world!!
My dad has always been there for me, and he has been the best example to me. I have never heard my dad swear (maybe once in jest) but seriously, never. He is gentle and patient and loyal.
My Patriarchal Blessing talks a lot about him too: "Your father, President Green, is a holy man of God. He has been called to responsible positions to serve and help prepare a wicked and adulterous generation for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...." There is more about him, but you know.
I am grateful to my dad and I love him so much!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November, 12th

I know yesterday was Veteran's Day! But I really am grateful for the people who fight, or have fought to keep us free!!!
I am grateful to live in America and I owe a lot to all of those service men and women that fight to keep us a strong country.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

I have decided that my mom must have been super valiant in the pre-existence. In the councils before we came to earth Heavenly Father said, "I am really going to test this one, she is strong, she will pass." First, she is not going to be born into a loving LDS family. Second, her dad will die when she is 8 years old (about Camille's age). Third, her stepfather will be mean to her. Fourth, her own mother will not support her. And fifth, she will live with drugs and alcohol while growing up.
I think that would give anyone an excuse to give up and not live up to their potential. (Look at her extended family) But not my mom. She is strong and she is valiant and she has accomplished A LOT!
She raised 7 children in the gospel, we are all active, we all LOVE our families, we were all sealed in the Temple. We love each other. She has served in the gospel faithfully and is now on a mission. She has made a lot of sacrifices to serve her mission. 3 Nephi 14:20 Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them.
Not only did she rear her own children, but many others too. We had people living with us all the time growing up or hanging out at our house and many of them had said it is because of mom and dad that they turned out the way they did.
She is a great example to me and has been the most influential person in my life. My Patriarchal Blessing talks a lot about my mom. Here is a part of it: "You will be a good wife and a good mother and you will be able to rear and care for your little children as your mother has reared and cared for you. Your mother is an honorable woman and she is like Ruth in the bible of old. She loves you with all of her heart and she is desirous that you be true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and that you emulate and pattern your life after the Savior."
I am GRATEFUL for my mom. I am lucky to have such a great mom and I love her SO, SO much!!
I love you mom!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10th, 20009

Brothers-what can I say, I have some great brothers. (brothers-in-law included) They are hard working, and really great dads and also great husbands to each of their wives. That is a good example to me. I think the thing that I am grateful for the most is that they are honorable priesthood bearers. I am grateful that I can go to them and ask for a blessing whenever I need one. I am glad my boys have such great examples to follow.

Bubba wanted to type his name: Bubba (good job son)

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9th

Today I took the kids to the Skyhawk GORGE! And yes what a gorge it was....It was like 30+ places to stop and sample food. Let's see, donut holes, potato salad, nachos, kisses, hot tamales, pizza, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, chocolate dipped pretzels, butterbeer, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, snickers, meatballs, brownies, mac and cheese, apples slices and carmel, I can't think of them all. We only hit about 8 of kids were overwhelmed!
Anyways, it was a Make a Wish for an 11 year old boy. So, I am thankful for 2 things from this experience...
First, That I have healthy children. I think that people with sick children are really strong. I guess they have to be, but I am still impressed by them. I am grateful for healthy children
Second, I am grateful to have a high school in my own town now. We have become such a close community now and I love all the school spirit. I am thankful for that! A new school.

So 2 things this time, but it is all about the school it's ok.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th

Alexis came home last night so she could go to church and listen to Ryne. He did a great job!!!
Again, I am thankful for the spirit that I feel when I go to church.
Today I am thankful for my girls!! They are so great! They bring so much to our home. I am so lucky to have such good girls-they want to do the right thing. I am so grateful for that too. That makes my job as the parent so much easier. :) I love being a mom and having 6 beautiful daughters.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th

Today Chris and I got to go to the baptism of some of the young kids in our ward. I am so glad that we went. I love watching the little ones get baptized. Camille will be next for us. Next year!! I am grateful for the sweet spirit that I felt today. I am grateful for the spirit that I am able to feel when I participate in church activites.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November-giving thanks

6. Nov. 6th: I have been thinking a lot about my sisters the past few days. (this includes my sisters-in-law) I actually prefer to call them my sisters too. I see no need for a difference. Anyway, they are all so talented and they are such good mothers. I get strength from them. I love to read their blogs and hear from them. I love all of their children and that just makes me love them more. What beautiful, strong, talented, loving, religious women I get to have as sisters!! I love them all and Iam grateful to have them as my sisters.
5. Nov. 5th: I am so thankful for my sweet husband. He is so great! I am so glad that he honors his priesthood. I love that I can count on him to give us blessings. He is still the funniest person I have ever met. I love it when he comes home. I am happy then!!! He is SO nice to me all the time-even when I do something stupid. I love him so much! I can't believe we will be celebrating 20 years in February. Fun fun!
4. Nov. 4th: My boys: I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time. Have you ever watched a 2 year old and a 4 year old wrestle? If not, you are really missing out. Bubba and Nico would dance around the bed, embrace and then fall. Bubba would be done and want to get up and do it again. Nico would keep fighting, mouth wide hoping to get a bit, grabbing ears, shirt, neck whatever he can and say, "I got him." That boy does not give up. It was hilarious and I wish I had a video camera to record it. Thanks boys, that was a great laugh!!
3. Nov. 3rd: Hank: It is his birthday today and boy do I miss him. What a good man, good dad, good father-in-law, good grandpa. I am glad that I got to know him. I am thankful that he raised such a wonderful son that I love with all my heart. Chris gets a lot of great qualities from both of his parents. He loves people and cares about them and he gets that from his papa. So today, I am thankful for Hank.
2. Nov. 2nd: I am thankful for the bus that came to pick up my girls for school, so I didn't have to take them. :)
1. Nov. 1st (sunday): I am thankful for my cozy bed that I got to take a nap in.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And baby makes NINE!!

Where do I begin...
After Nicolas I went to the Dr. and I said, "I am done having children, I need a permanent form of birth control." We talked about a lot of options and nothing was a good fit. In fact, I sat in his office and bawled my eyes out the whole time. I am not sure why, and I am sure that he thought that I was absolutely crazy!!!
So now, I am pregnant with my 9th child. I am thrilled, I am also very nervous and stressed out.
Let's see....Nine children, that is A LOT to take care of, that is a lot of mouths to feed. That is A LOT of college tuitions to pay. That is A LOT of weddings to plan. Seriously, what am I thinking?
But now I know "she" is coming, I don't want anything bad to happen.
I have an 18 year old. She is at college. I am that Mormon joke. "How do you know it's a mormon wedding? The bride isn't pregnant, her mother is." That is me....just a college student, not a bride.
These past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride that I have not enjoyed being on. What if there is something wrong. I am after all 41. That is pretty old. I am after all overweight! Both of those don't help my situation. What if there is something wrong, it will be ok. I have a lot of family and friends that will support me.
I went to the Dr. yesterday and had an ultrasound and saw "her" she is great, I saw "her" strong heartbeat, "her" arms, "her" face. She is real! She is coming! I wanted so much to just start crying, I said a little prayer of gratitude instead.
We are not rich by any means. Chris works at the MTC for crying out loud. You know the saying about a church job. The salary isn't great, but the benefits are eternal!
What am I thinking? I am not sure, but I wouldn't change a thing!! I am BLESSED!

P.S. I am calling this baby a girl because I had a dream about her before I knew I was pregnant.
Chris gave me a wonderful blessing when I was just a few weeks along. I need to think about that when I am nervous and stressed out.

Bubba says if it is a girl, he is going to beat her up, and if it is a boy his name should be Hamburger Guy. Don't ask me...he is weird! But I get to laugh at him everyday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Here is a recap of Salem Days for the Marbles~
It started on Thursday, July 30th for us. Samantha, Lindsey and Camille were in the Little Miss Salem Pageant. They had a dress rehersal on Thursday night. They learned their opening dance and practiced their talent. It was fun, but it was a long night. The cutest thing about this night was Camille, (she sang "Tomorrow" from Annie) they wanted her to practice her talent and hold the microphone, so she did. She had to do it twice. When she came down she said, "Mom, aren't you glad I didn't wipe my eyes." She was SO nervous about singing that she started to cry, but she just kept going. What a cutie!!
The Pageant was Friday night. The girls did so great and had so much fun! Samantha really sang her heart out! She sang "The climb" by Miley Cyrus. She did absolutely amazing!
Lindsey sang "Popular" from the Musical WICKED. Super cute, super funny. Had me cracking up--big time!
Camille is 2nd attendant for Mini Miss. The other girls didn't place, but they are fine and had a great time. Sam said "next year" Me? I was sad, I really thought Sam should have placed. I had to go home and let it go. Sam was a very good example to me!!
SAT: Mud Volleyball.
Rick and D'Ann came up and we had quite the mud volleyball team. I didn't go down and watch as much as I should have. I didn't want all the kids to get completely covered in mud, but we did watch a little bit. I don't really know how they do that year after year.
SUN: The fireside. Robert Millet was the speaker. He was excellent. His talk was quite political and religious. It was about how the problems in our country aren't economical but that our problems are the morals and values of the people. I was very impressed. He talked about esteem and confidence. It was very similar to dad's view on it. He has written several books too!!
TUES: The duct tape regatta. This is such a crazy fun activity. Each group is given 2 large pieces of cardboard and 2 rolls of duct tape and a 2x2x10 piece of wood. We then have 2 hours to make a boat that we will paddle around the pond. We did pretty good this year. Our boat was pretty good. Bri and Sam won our heat with a tim of 2 minutes and 23 seconds and our boat didn't sink!!! Last year Bri and Em got as far out as they could and then it sunk and they had to swim back with the heavy boat. People come up with some crazy ideas. It was hilarious!!
WEDS: Baby contest & Family Movie
Nico wouldn't "perform" he said hi but that was about it. I tried to get him to dance, to sing, to kiss my owie, all of his tricks, but no! It's really ok though. He has a really cute picture from it. (He didn't cooperate with that either!)
That night was the Family Movie--Kung Fu Panda. This was at the ballfield with a 30 ft. screen. I think the best part about that night was listening to Bubba laugh so hard. It made Chris, Whitney and I laugh just to hear him cracking up so much. The sponsors give out unlimited soda, popcorn and glow sticks. I think that was my girls favorite part.
THURS: Rodeo, but we didn't go...I had Enrichment. (I learned a lot of great cleaning tips)
FRI: The children's parade and Salem's got Talent
The parade is for all the kids, they can walk or ride bikes. We walked from Salem Elementary to the ballfield. It is a very short parade, like a block. They kids love it though. They always get a popcicle at the end. Lindsey and Camille rode scooters. (way ahead of us) Nico was in a wagon. Bubba was at a birthday party so he didn't go. Sam was at Belly's house practicing with Quincee. Bri was at soccer practice. So it was quite funny for Em, Lexi and I to be walking in a childrens parade bascially by ourselves.
After the parade, it was time for Salem's Got Talent back at the pond. Samantha and Quincee sang "What is this feeling" from WICKED!!! WOW!!! WERE THEY EVER GREAT!!!! Sam had green skin, a long black wig and a green frock. Quincee had blonde curly hair and a pink sparkly dress. They did so good!!! They sang so well and were just cute! There were about 30 groups that performed and the top 10 got to perform for the Pageant on Sat. night. The person over the show came up to me the next day and told me that Sam and Quincee were number 11. They missed it by --that much. Bummer, it would have been fun to see them do it again. But it is ok, they had FUN!!
SAT: The family fun run and 5k. Brianne was the only one of us to run the 5k. The rest of us just did the mile. I think I was like 5th from the end. Chris won his division. He was the only one in stroller division for men, but he still got a gold medal. hee hee We laughed about that for a long time. He was even invited to ride on the float as a winner. ha ha!
We then went to the breakfast. The council members stand there and greet everyone. First it was Stanley Green, he hugged me and turned to Lynn and said, "This is my family." Then Lynn said, "But they are my family." She is in Whitney and GG and Gpa's ward. (our old ward) Then Mayor Henderson said, "Wait a minute, they are in MY ward." It was so funny! It was kindof fun to be fought over for a minute. The Mayor thanked us for supporting them in everything and he also said that he gave Sam and Quincee a 10 the night before in the Talent Show. I thought that was nice too.
Then I took the kids to the carnival. They had SO much fun! Kaelys went in the dunk tank. Samantha won 8 3 liter sodas at the ring toss. They had cotton candy and pizza. Lots of games and prizes all around. I think my favorite though was Bubba trying to win a sword. There was a football throw and a basketball game that were handing out swords. He tried and tried to get a sword. You had to get all 3 balls in the basket or through the hole. He was really good at getting 2 of them. He jumped ALL over the place with excitement. Then he would miss. He said to the boy at the game "I'll be back" then go to the end of the line to start again. We did this probably 5 times. He got Samantha to try. A neighbor boy tried. Another one succeeded and gave him a sword, Bubba gave it to Nico. He just kept saying, "I'll be back." Finally he got 3 balls in the football throw!!! SUCCESS!!!!! He carried that sword around with him for the rest of the day!
We had our fill of the carnival and we home to get ready for the BBQ dinner. After the dinner was the pageant. It was fun. We basically saw it already because of the night before, but it was still good. There was another performer that we hadn't seen yet. Then it was time for the FIREWORKS!!!! They were awesome, we have the best fireworks ever!!! Nico, of course, slept through them. Something cool about the beginning of the pageant was our Mayor, he said that he has received some complaints about having an opening prayer at community activities, but that he didn't care. He said we were founded on religious beliefs and it would continue. He said it would come before the flag, because like always, God first. He gave no apologizes. AWESOME!!! LOVED IT!!!!
We got Harry and Whitney really good!! Whitney was worried about her chairs and blankets, she thought someone could sit inbetween her stuff, because they weren't close enough together...well, our neighbors decided to come to the pageant with us, and Corey set his chair up right in the spot that Whitney was worried about. I was just dieing inside. When they walked up I had to look away. They were so polite. Whitney was trying to get Harry to ask him to move a little bit and Harry was like, no, I'm fine. Then I couldn't take it anymore and had to give it up. We all had a good laugh! I guess I better watch my back. :)
It was fun week, but I am EXHAUSTED!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bubba cracks me up!

Here is a funny conversation I had with Bubba:
Bubba: How many is my honey gonna have?
Mom: Huh?
Bubba: How many is my honey gonna have?
Mom: I don't know what you are talking about...
Bubba: Babies
Mom: Oh, how many babies is your honey gonna have...?
Bubba: Yeah.
Mom: I don't know, you will have to ask your honey.
Bubba: Oh...I think 6.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Me and Nico

I thought this was such a cute picture

The Grotto

Bubba proving how tough he is...
He fell down and scraped his knee...
He showed it to me and then went
to find a "big" leaf to wipe off the blood.
Samantha was determined to get in the waterfall, it was so strong, she couldn't hardly do it. It was also super cold!
It was so loud in the cave part because of the amount of the water. We couldn't hear each other talk. It got to be too much for Camille.

Everyone being silly. Same place to pose as last time we went.













Kailea's Birthday Party

The girls were invited to Kailea's birthday party. They had so much fun!! It was at a spa in Spanish Fork. This is Camille on the runway. They got their fingernails painted, their toenails painted, their faces painted and their hair done. After that they were able to pick an outfit for the fashion show and then walk the runway.

This is the tea party. Lindsey is tasting the bubble gum frosting. They had a chocolate fountain and pizza and all kinds of treats!!!

Here is the glamorous Samantha all ready to party. After the tea and the fashion show the girls made lip gloss and bath salts and lotions.

Here are all the girls ready for the fashion show. It was quite the party. The girls had the time of their life! I was glad I was their to see their excitment. I got to be the photographer! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma Green get their mission call

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Grandpa and Grandma got their mission call May 21, 2009. They are going to AZ.
They got set apart today!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lexi's Senior Pictures

Michelle Evans (my cousin) came up and took pictures. She did such a GREAT job! I love them all. Lexi is having a hard time picking her favorite...
You'll see why, they are ALL SO good. Not to mention the fact that Lexi is just BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

L O N G overdue

Samantha was Julie Andrews at the wax museum at school. Audra made her outfit.
She sang, "Favorite Things." She did a great job. If I can figure out how to upload it. I will.

Skyler was Laura Bush.

"Mom, how do you read?"

I had to recreate this moment. Bubba was looking at a book, and asked me how to read. I thought it was such a sweet moment. I made him do it again so I could take a picture.

Bauer and Maggie

Here are Bauer and Maggie.

Bauer (Jack Bauer) is a 4 month old Yorkie. He is Lexi's puppy. We got him for her for Graduation. He is a very timid little guy. He is super smart. He has already learned to "come" and "sit." He doesn't like to be in trouble though.
This is Maggie. She is a 3 month old Shih Tzu. She is a bit on the fisty side. She is my Mother's Day present. She is so cute, and is a little fluff ball that gets so excited when you pay her any attention at all. Chris says he doesn't know why he has to put up with all my Shih Tzu...
They are both doing good at house training and don't have many accidents. We will have "Shorkies" in a year or so and they are the cutest puppies EVER! Look them up!

To Nurture a Child...

Emily made this for me for Mother's Day! With Millie and Bubba's help. It is so cute. She made it out of cardboard. The bottom part is the song, "You are my sunshine."
I have been thinking a lot about Mother's Day and how my thoughts about it have changed so much.
I used to think that I wanted gifts and I wanted to be pampered and if I wasn't then the day was just dumb and my family didn't really care about me.
But now, it doesn't have anything to do with that. It is about me being a nurturer. It is about all those that have nurtured me. It is about spending time with my children. Talking with them. Laughing with them. Singing with them. It's about the gift that God has given me and how I choose to take care of it.
If you are a daughter of God, then you have the desire to nurture, whether you have children or not. We are so lucky to be given this calling from our Father in Heaven. I have had a lot of people nurture me throughout my life. Even now, as an adult, I still have friends that are important to me, and nurture me, not as a child, but as a wife and mother and friend. I go to them for guidance, for understanding and sometimes even just to vent. I find strength through my friendships with other women.
Thank you to all of you who have touched my life.
Thank you mom, for being such a great mom. I love you!


Nicolas is 18 months old now.
He is official in nursery. He has always been in there, because I am in there, but now he is OFFICIAL! Here he is playing with a 4 wheeler and making all kinds of start and running noises. Something boys seem to come by naturally. I am not sure how or why...Nicolas has the cutest pucker ever, this picture doesn't even do it justice. His top lip goes all the way to his nose. I love it. I asked him to kiss my "owie." I will keep trying to get a better picture.
These are his new big boy clothes for church. He looks so adorable! He loves the puppies as you can see.

AWWW...Nicolas' official first day of Nursery. April 26th.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bubba's Happ, well, not so happy 4th birthday...

Ugh! This picture really makes my stomach hurt. This is his owie after getting a 4 wheeler for his birthday.
This is Bubba super happy in his new jacket GG made for him! Before his big owie after getting a 4 wheeler for his birthday. This is Bubba getting ready to ride his 4 wheeler before his owie after getting a 4 wheeler for his birthday.

The one good thing about this day, we all gained a stronger testimony in the power and comfort of the Priesthood.


Lexi and I are going to New York, we are G O I N G to New York! NEW YORK!! We are going to see Wicked, In the Heights, Mary Poppins, and Guys and Dolls! Plus, we are going to see as much of New York as we possibly can!
We are going to New York!
We head to the airport around noon. We find out that we do get to sit by each other on the flight.
We play the in flight trivia game and watch Monk. We can't sleep. Way too excited for that.
We get into NY at about 11:00 maybe 10:00 I don't really know, and I don't really care...
We are staying at the Double Tree.
It is right smack dab in the middle of Time Square. We get out of the van from the airport and we are completely awe struck! The lights, the Broadway show billboards everywhere. The ball that drops-every new years eve...
We get into our room. We write down everything we want to do and see.
We can't sleep, but we have to, we plan on being up by 6:00a.m. and it is already 3:00a.m.

The adventure begins...

New York: Day 4

Today we decided that we hadn't been on the subway yet or that we hadn't been in a Taxi either. We picked the subway first, the subway that we wanted wasn't running so we had to get on a subway and then take it to a main sub station and then switch and get onto a different one. It was intense. It was scary. It was all that and more. We ended up getting off in Harlem. We were wondering why everyone on the subway was looking at us so weird. We wanted to find the Temple. Turns out it is really close to Central Park and also the Museum. Hence, the Taxi!

Like everything else in NY, the Temple is built UP. There is no room to build out, so everything is 10 stories high. It is hard to find, but we did it. That was awesome. I said to Lexi, "We have to know where it is just incase we are stuck here or something bad happens, this is where we would want to get to and FAST." It just so happens that part of the Julliard Campus is across the street from the Temple so we got to see that too. We then went to the Museum of Natural History. That is where the movie "Night at the Museum" is filmed. Again, HUGE!
We were seeing "Mary Poppins" as a Matinee, it was very good and very cute. I enjoyed it, Lexi, not so much.
After the show we went to Macys. Macy's is an ENTIRE city block. No joke. It is 9 stories. I have never seen anything like it, in all my life. Alexis went to all 9 floors, just so she could say she did. hee hee. We finish all of our shopping! Bringing home some fun things...hee hee
We fouind the Ed Sullivan Theatre:
Then for our last show we saw W I C K E D !! It was Amazing, Magnificent, Incredible. I loved it so much. If I only saw that one show, I would have been satisfied with my trip. I didn't want the show to end. Alexis was 2nd row center! Me right next to her. It was FABULOUS!!
Nicole Parker played Elphaba:
I have no words to describe how good she is.Alli Mauzey played Galinda or Glinda (without the Ga) The cemistry between the two leads was something to see. I truly have never seen anything like it. I can't decide which one I liked better.
I loved the fun part of Glinda, but Elphaba won your heart. I would really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see them again. The same cast, I mean. I sat there and bawled like a baby during the last number. So sad it was over, so touched by the whole thing. I turned to Lexi and I was so embarrassed! I had no control over my emotions at all. We both just sunk down in our seats and said we were NEVER leaving. We were going to set up camp there and live there and watch the show over and over and over and over and over and get the idea.
The trip changed me, changed something inside me...I am not afraid anymore. I used to live my life in such fear, but it is gone. I walked the streets of NY, I figured things out, it was the most amazing thing! I loved every minute. I am glad Lexi was with me too. I hope I can do something similar to this with all of my girls!