Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Nicolas is 18 months old now.
He is official in nursery. He has always been in there, because I am in there, but now he is OFFICIAL! Here he is playing with a 4 wheeler and making all kinds of start and running noises. Something boys seem to come by naturally. I am not sure how or why...Nicolas has the cutest pucker ever, this picture doesn't even do it justice. His top lip goes all the way to his nose. I love it. I asked him to kiss my "owie." I will keep trying to get a better picture.
These are his new big boy clothes for church. He looks so adorable! He loves the puppies as you can see.

AWWW...Nicolas' official first day of Nursery. April 26th.

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dhillman said...

I love his cute little kissing face too! He looks so cute in his big boy clothes.