Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning is going to be one of mass confusion! Alexis, Emily and I were wrapping presents last night, I think we had too much to drink. We had some Sunkist, full of caffeine, and well, things got out of hand. We wrapped some presents for Alfonso, Bob and Larry the cable guy. It was so much fun. I can't remember when I laughed so hard. The little girls saw the presents this morning and were asking who they were for, when we told them, they asked, "Who are they and where are ours?" Ha ha ha ha!

Ya know how I wrote this the other got worse. Brianne found presents for everyone around the house, for example, I had a present from Bri, it was 1 of my flip flops. Alexis and Emily both got hangers. She is a crazy girl. Camille didn't think it was so funny when she unwrapped her "special box" and Lindsey unwrapped the shirt she got for her birthday.
Silly girl! I think the funniest was when Chris was blow drying his hair and he was using the girls dryer because he couldn't find his. I found his "present" under the tree and told him that he should unwrap it. Bri ran down the hall and said, "I picked that for you because I knew you would love it!"

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The puppies are 4 weeks today!

Nicolas in the Kennel

Nicolas really likes them too!

Aren't they cute!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What a fun holiday! We decided to get together on Wednesday to eat our pie and play games. We wanted to enjoy our pie and not be so stuffed on Thursday. It was a lot of fun. Mom pulled out rummycube of course...
Thursday we met at Whitney's. I was incharge of the pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham, and the onions in cream cheese and cheddar cheese, the stuffing, the pistachio pudding. I made plain peach jello too...and of course chocolate pie and banana pie. I don't think I have prepared so much stuff for thanksgiving in all my life. It was fun because the girls helped me a lot and we got to spend some time in the kitchen together.
Brianne and Missy invented a new game, it is a cross between soccer, basketball and wall ball. You use a big yoga ball. It is intense. We call it "no apologizes." I think the name speaks for itself. I'll just say the name came about because Dustin hammered me in the face and gave me whiplash. I really don't think anyone went away without an injury!