Monday, August 30, 2010

Christopher's first day of school.

WOW! I can't believe he has started school.
He is so excited. When I told him that he couldn't go he said to me,"Mom, you have to let me grow up." um... ok. (whaaa)

Chris took the morning off so he could take him to school too. Christopher was so cute. We got to the door, he waved, said bye,and walked in. That was it. Chris and I looked at each other and just laughed.

We walked in and watched him put his backpack away and find his spot at the table. And that was that.

After school he said he had a great day. He showed me his homework. Making circles (9 times) and he got so tired...ha ha!!!

This is going to a great year for him. He will learn and grow so much! I am excited to watch.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My world has FLIP-FLOPPED!

So, back in the day I used to be a mom to, make-up, giggles and tears.
Now I am in the middle of a wrestling match and I don't even know the rules...I realize that when the girls all went to school last year, I was home with just boys, but Nicolas was too little to really play with Christopher. I was home with a boy and a baby. (Which is how it will be when he goes to school on Mon.) but for now, I wrestle. Whitney says I need a striped shirt and a whistle now that I have 2 boys that can really go at it. I agree.

Andrew was even getting into it. I wish I could explain in such detail that you felt like you were all participating, or the joy inwhich I was feeling...I will try.
Andrew was laying on, well, my neck. He would lift his head up, smile, grunt and drool and then proceed to bury his face in my neck, with his mouth wide open. He did that over and over and over. It was his own type of wrestling. I was having so much fun. He is so cute! He looked at Christopher when he picked his head up, as if to say, "I'm playing too." And get me again with that drooly grin. ahhh

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Andrew is 19 weeks old

This little guy has started to cut his bottom front teeth.
Oh yeah, he weighs 16 pounds.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

It is my sister's birthday! This post is going to be a shout out to her...

My sister is AWESOME! I can think of a few crucial times in my life that were monumental in my growth and it was Danette who was there for me...

First of all, my first year at Ricks. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have made it with out her and her Inlaws. She took me up there and helped me to get settled. I distinctly remember going to the grocery store and being so overwhelmed that I started crying. Danette helped me through it all. She helped me get groceries and get everything organized in my apartment.

Another big moment for me was the fact that she was the reason I was able to drive to Utah with Chris. I was able to get to know him and know that he was the one that I wanted to marry during that car drive. I was able to talk to her about him and have a great heart to heart.

Another time, probably about 5 years ago...I was struggling with a lot of things. Danette is the one I went to and discussed everything with. She helped me so much. She shared with me the power of music and bought me some good CD's to listen to and even a CD player. She didn't judge me or critize me at all. Just helped me through it.

We have had a lot of heart to hearts through the years and she has always been there for me. I think everyone should have a sister like her.

Happy Birthday Danette, I love you!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am on an emotional rollercoaster...

In my OWN opinion...
This has been a week. I am exhausted emotionally and that is putting it lightly.
First of all, Emily got in a 4 wheeling accident and was really hurt. She received 2 blessings and they both said that she would heal completely. I have faith in that and I believe in what was said.
When I first talked to her, I was glad that she sounded good and I could understand her. She said, "I have a goose egg." but she should have said, "I have half a grapefruit on the back of my head." Both of the Drs. that saw her today said that if she didn't wear her helmet, she probably wouldn't be here. That is scary. I am so glad that Hillmans had her wear a helmet. I might have been soft on that if I were there. Not good.
She had a hard day on Sunday and then I started to doubt. Not because of the blessings, but because of the things that people were telling me. I KNOW that it was intended in the best way...I know that. However, it was still difficult to process. At first I thought that maybe when the blessing said to seek medical attention for comfort and reassurance it was for me, but after the appointments, I realize the medical attention was for Emily. She is doing so much better now knowing that she really is ok. So, I am ok. I wasn't doubting, it makes me feel better to know that I really can and do rely on the Priesthood.

And secondly, there is another situation going on in our home, but I am not going to share the details right now. But it is one of the most DIFICULT things I have been through up to this point. I feel so, I don't even know the words...helpless...
I feel like my love is being questioned and my counsel ignored. I want so much for this to just be over. But the lessons have not been learned yet. The growth hasn't happened yet.

I think the best advice I've been given is to stay in the here and now. Don't think about the "what if's." It's good advice, it's really hard for me to do. For example, if my 2 year old were to steal a piece of candy, I don't need to jump straight to, he's going to be a thief and go to jail.

Again, I know my Father in Heaven is there for me and He will help me through this and I will be different when I get to the other side of this situation. I appreciate my family so much and I love them with my whole heart. Chris and I talked and talked and talked until 4:00 am. I am tired.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Green

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To the bestest parents EVER!!
I love You!