Friday, December 25, 2009


We were able to go to AZ for Christmas this year.

I didn't take any pictures of our trip. OOPS!
We spent Christmas Eve with Chris' family and then Christmas with his mom and Fred.
The kids were all very eager to get their gifts-once they figured out what they were. It was too funny!!!
We were able to go to the Temple with Melissa and Craig. That was fun, we were all there together. (most of us)
We saw Sherlock Holmes at night, some of us slept through it. It was a good movie though.
We spent some time with the Morely's. That is always a treat. Then we headed for Tucson.
We went to the Mission Office and had lunch with GG and Gpa. There were lots of hikes and fun adventures. I didn't participate in any of them.
Melanie took the big girls for a photo shot and they had the time of their lives!!
She also took Lindsey for a few days, to stay with Hannah. That was fun for her.
Me..I did nothing. I loved every minute of it! I learned a new game. "Greed" or "Zilch" that was fun. If ever I went missing, you could find me napping somewhere.

Thank you Fran for letting us stay with you-

Thank you Hillman's for letting us stay with you too!

We love you all and had a fabulous trip.
No one wanted to come home and now that we are, everyone wants to go back. :)

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dhillman said...

We are so happy you made that long trip!