Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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We had a great Halloween. First, we had a carnival at the Anaya's house. That was a lot of fun. There were games and prizes and food. Samantha won a super cute cake in the cake walk. Maybe I can find a picture. The only really bad weather so far this year was during this party. A really fast storm blew in. Whitney and I and some of the kids were outside during it. Then it started hailing and thundering and then lightning. We both went nuts for second and started yelling at the kids to get inside. We were on the sports court and there where high metal poles. There was also a tent with poles. So, Lindsey started running but she slipped and hurt her knee. I ran back out to get all of her prizes. By the time I got back in I was drenched! I was out there maybe 3 minutes.
We went upstairs to watch Daniel open birthday presents and Christopher was just looking at me with this super sad face. Every time I caught his eye he was looking at me with that same look on his face. Sad, scared, and full of love.
I went over to him to see what was wrong and he started crying and gave me a big hug. He said he was really worried about me out in that storm. He thought I was going to die.
Cute addition to this story: last night during his prayer he thanked Heavenly Father that I was safe. Then when his prayer was over he looked at me again with that same look. Then he put his hand on my cheek and just stared at me. He said, "I love you mom." AHH!
Then we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. We were there for a whole 30 mins. You can see my friend Kaye giving the kids candy. So funny. She gave Nico and Christopher handfuls. They were happy. There are no pictures of the boys. Oops! Nico was spiderman, but didn't wear his costume. Christopher was Iron Man and didn't want to be wearing it.
After that we went to Belli's house for pizza. YUM! The kids went around the block and trick or treated while we visited inside.
It was a great night.
Lexi and Bri hung out with their friends JaNae and Delite. They were the characters from Alice in Wonderland...obviously...
The funny part about this story is that JaNae had her costume picked out first and the other 3 girls figured theirs out based on hers and didn't tell her. They showed up at the Trunk or Treat and totally surprised her. It was GREAT. They came to Belli's for pizza too. Way fun!
If you look really close, you can see my cousin Nic and his little girl Riley in the corner of the pictures. CUTE!


dhillman said...

Love all the pics and the fun! I am so glad you wrote down bubba's story--it is soo sweet!

A Morley said...

Your family is way too sweet! We sure missed you for Halloween! Thanks for the pictures!